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    The role of media buying is
    to ensure our clients' adverts appear where they and our planners
    want them to and that the advertiser pays the best possible

    Sense of Freedom

    ASMD Media is The Content + Connections Agency. 

    At ASMD Media, we believe everything is
    connected. And that means a media agency has to think and operate
    in an entirely new way.




    ASMD Media is The Content + Connections
    Agency, working on behalf of our clients to leverage their
    brands' entire system of communications to step change their
    business outcomes. 


    We have a unique approach to planning
    and buying across Paid, Owned and Earned media which can optimise
    our clients' entire system of content and connections, not just the
    individual channel silos.


    For us, "Content" is the fuel for
    high-performing systems. This means any form of consumer messaging
    that connects brands to their consumers, whether that is TV, press,
    radio, events, partnerships, branded content, social, search,
    mobile or new technologies. "Connections" is how we guide the
    content around the system. It's about having a clearly defined
    distribution strategy, ensuring there are no dead ends or wastage
    resulting from disconnected content.



    Media Planning

    The first thing we do, using a
    combination of world class research techniques, deep experience and
    analysis, is to determine with our clients who their most likely,
    or most desired, customers are. We are then able to determine which
    media these potential customers see, read, hear or engage with the
    most. This is the media planning of a campaign; we 'plan'
    advertising campaigns that reach intended audiences, with the
    minimum amount of wastage.



    After this initial planning
    stage, we then work alongside creative agencies, who actually
    make the advertisements. It is our responsibility to get the
    adverts on to the television screens and radio, in to the press and
    cinemas, on to billboards and poster sites, and online. This is
    what we call media buying.


    Media Buying





    During the buying stage, ASMD Media
    negotiates the best possible prices with media owners such as
    television and radio stations, magazine publishers and website
    owners for the space or airtime. Because ASMD Media is one of the
    largest media buying agencies in the world, we are able to buy
    media at an incredibly competitive price. Even so, we are always
    looking for innovative ways to reduce costs further and increase
    the effectiveness of advertising - whether on screen, outdoors or





    Our clients benefit from ASMD Media
    being part of the world's largest media
    investment management group. This gives us unparalleled negotiation
    power when buying media on behalf of our clients.




  • People & Places

    Find our ideas all over the world!

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    We Care About People

    The Team you need

    Our people define us. And having the
    best people makes us great. We ensure that we attract and develop
    the best talent by creating opportunities that empower and motivate
    our people.

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    We're Always Listening

    Your ideas in mind

    The motivation and passion of our
    people is the most important aspect of our business and a key part
    of what we mean by "People first, better results". "People first,
    better results" isn't just a tag-line. We know that everything
    starts with our people, and we strive to create a culture that will
    fire our enthusiasm, and inspire creativity.

  • Our Core Values

    Core value enables advertisers to
    understand how their advertising has performed, what's done well,
    what hasn't delivered results and how to budget in the future.

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    Always Ahead

    Strong Leadership

    The global leaders support our
    offices in their efforts to consistently deliver a high level of
    service to our clients.

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    A Small-Town Feel

    Our Power

    Media agencies provide planning, buying
    and consumer insight advice to their clients and they deliver the
    messages created by advertising agencies via paid, owned and earned

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    Enjoy the Journey

    We will figure it all out

    Media Planing is the expertise to ensure that our clients'
    messages appear in the right place and at the right time to ensure
    they reach the correct target group.

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